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Some of them know that _flossers need to be home hunt there “” I still have a few months to be able to get into the tax credit! So I’m going through a list of forbes writer Matthew Woolsey. The most expensive houses for sale in the US is the most expensive houses in the US (eg, spelling Mansion) means that they are out of the game since they are listed privately. However, I think you will be satisfied with the presented. For the public sale.

2. Peace, Tahoe Lake, Nevada. This belongs to Joel Horowitz. You probably never heard him, but you know the brand he helped: Tommy Hilfiger. He has 20,000 square meters and 3,500 bottles of wine cellar, a 19-person cinema (how small) and of course has a closed swimming pool. There are only $ 100,000,000 in the market.

3. Anonymous, Bel Air, California. Maybe he belongs to the Uncle Phil and Viv Aunt? There are 10 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, therefore will, Hilary, Ashley, Carelton and Geoffrey definitely there. 1000 meters long surrounding property, 36 meters high. Keep Jazz out and place 20 cars in the garage. She stole $ 85 million!

5. Hummingbird Nest Ranch, Simi Valley, California. This house is $ 75 million, good attended buyers: There are 10 “staff house” on the property. And forgetting 20 cars garage “” There are 37 benches to keep your purebred horses on this Spanish style farm., Isn’t it?). It is really nice that you don’t need to pay for your own helicopter track “” This home comes.

6. Anonymous, up East Side, New York. This enormous for New York is: 45 feet wide, six-fold height and 21, 00 feet in the field. Alone area probably demands a price of $ 75 million for some, but also comes with a garden floor, library, sauna, home gymnastics, six bedrooms, three staff rooms, a wine cellar and ten bathrooms. 10 baths on sixth floor ?! Is that a bit unnecessary or this is just me?

10. Unnamed, Upper East Side, New York. One thousand square meters, five bedrooms, eight baths, a deck on the roof, a living room with 26-meter ceilings and the skylight conservatory “” didn’t you want to say that you have a conservatory going to $ 60 million? “Hi, nice to see you, we drink tea in the conservatory, a very nice day. Do you join us?”

And only for fun, the most expensive private housing built so far is due to this year. The Indian Trilyoner Mukesh Ambani, 168 cars, panic rooms, 600 servants and a helicopter track on top of a 27-storey, mostly, it is building a billion dollar house that will include a six-storey garage with a cup of glass.

If you had an unlimited possibility to do this, what would you buy the pavilion? I have to say, Winchester mystery speaks a bit of the house.

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